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Lakewood Estates Property Management is pleased to offer online rental payment services.

Starting in 2021, PayPal now offers a "Buy Now, Pay Later" feature which is available to Lakewood Estates tenants who qualify and wish to finance their rent payments based on PayPal's requirements. PayPal offers two ways to finance your rent:

Both of these financing programs are administered entirely through PayPal. Lakewood Estates has no control over eligibility, nor does Lakewood Estates even know if a tenant has elected this option. This information is being provided only to inform tenants of the new features available via PayPal. You should see these "Buy Now, Pay Later" options in your PayPal shopping cart which appears after you fill out the below information on Lakewood Estates's website. Because this financing is offered through PayPal, if you have any questions regarding either program, please call PayPal Credit Customer Service at 1-844-373-4961.


Pay Monthly Rent or Security Deposit with PayPal™

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    Includes 3.8% Online Transaction Fee
    Includes 3.8% Online Transaction Fee
    Includes 3.8% Online Transaction Fee
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Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA)